Watch Dogs on Intel Pentium G3420

For testing we used:
Processor — Intel Pentium (3200MHz)
Video Card — Intel HD Graphics (1300/1600MHz)
RAM — Team-Elite 2x4Gb (1600MHz)
Motherboard — MSI H81M-P33
Cooler — BOX

OS: Windows 8.1
Program for recording the video: Fraps 3.5.99 Build 15618

Game settings are at the end of the video!


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  1. Sometimes I got it freezed for about 10-20 seconds then it will unfreeze and then it will freeze suddenly like 10-20 seconds again, any cure?

    1. @DaiCaKiet is normal this game work bad on dualcore, your cpu stay all time on 100% you need a quadcore to fix a little that problem

    2. @DaiCaKiet
      and thanks to share this video, i want to buy a g3420 to work with intel hd grafics, with my old cpu E8400+GTX580 i run this game like you

    3. @Dinys So you mean, I must set to lowest to run without freezing, if I want more like Medium or High settings — Quad core is a must, right ?

    4. @DaiCaKiet
      right, processor are the most important part on computer if not work properly no matter how much ram you put or gpu you have

  2. If you want to play games with this processor you need to buy a dedicated GPU, I'm sure you could play this game perfectly fine with this CPU if you had a proper graphics card.

    1. @nazirul hanis
      last generation of nvidia gtx900
      wait for GTX960 but you need change your cpu to a quadcore or more dualcore are over for games

  3. Делать тесты в играх, с такой видеокартой, сверх разум

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